Ecovillage | Annandale

The Village Green at Annandale is the premier ecovillage in the New Jersey area. Our environmentally friendly community is perfect for young professionals and families seeking a green lifestyle without being out of reach of some of the most prominent cities in the country. With a train station that connects to New York City by way of Newark, along with a grocery within the village, residents will find little need for a car.

Life at The Village Green

Living at The Village Green means innovation, sustainability, and convenience. The Village is fully powered by solar panels, all structures are built using sustainable concepts, and our apartments and townhomes are designed to meet all of the demands of the modern world. The Village Green is fully powered by solar panels

Learn More about The Village Green at Annandale

We are excited to speak with anyone interested in our developing eco-community, and invite you to learn more about The Village Green at Annandale by visiting the Our Community page, or by filling out a contact form with any questions you may have.

Ecovillage | Annandale

Annandale, New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York